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Chairman's Message

Manufacturing is crucial to a country's development and advancement. Ever since Leeport's establishment in 1967, we have been importing and distributing advanced equipment and precision tools for the manufacturing industry. Our objective is to provide manufacturing technology and solutions that will help our customers to become more productive, competitive and profitable.
Our product range is now so extensive that we are able to serve all segments of the manufacturing industry. We supply tools and equipment for every stage of the manufacturing process ranging from product design to production and quality control.
Most of our suppliers are world-leading manufacturers, with whom we have had very longstanding relationships – over 45 years in some cases. Our management and technical staff are highly experienced, and committed to on-going training and maintaining our high quality customer service.
Just consider your mobile phone, the lift you travel in, your car, your computer, your TV; everything in daily use, each and every item has to be manufactured. In fact, using our tools and equipment, thousands of manufacturers make products that touch every aspect of our daily lives. Leeport's vision is to help improve both the quality and productivity of the manufacturing industry, and thus enhance everybody's standard of living and quality of life.
As long as manufacturing exists, there will always be business opportunities for Leeport. Asia in general and China in particular will certainly remain the world's manufacturing centre. This will provide our company with enormous growth opportunities. We aim to expand our business and are committed to contributing to the success of the manufacturing industry throughout the region.
Joseph S. L. Lee
Chairman & Group CEO