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Statement on Fraudulent Emails and Letters

Since mid-January 2018, Leeport (Holdings) Limited (“Leeport” or “our Company”) has received emails and letters from several CPA firms purportedly from the United States of America (the “US”), alleging that our Company and Mr. Joseph Lee, our Chairman, had requested for their professional services on preparing financial statements and formation of companies in the US (the “Alleged Services”).  
Leeport hereby solemnly declares that all such allegations contained in the said emails and letters are completely untrue and the said emails and letters are fraudulent. We have never contacted, enquired or requested from any US CPA firm for the provision of the Alleged Services. 
Should any person have any enquiry, they are advised to contact Ms. Jennie Lau of Leeport at +852 2427 7991 for clarification or contact the Hong Kong Police Force directly. 
We hereby expressly reserve all our rights in relation to the above matter.
Leeport (Holdings) Limited
21 March 2018